Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

Wow. Today has been crazy. We finally made the soccer game here next to our house so we wouldnt have to travel. so we thought we would have more time...but we didn't! its crazy running around finding computers that are open and we couldn't find any open before soccer so had to come after....but now only have 30 minutes! yikes...p-days are the most stressful breaks ever. but that's ok :) 
This weeks been pretty good. a lot of people are sick though so we haven't had a lot of appointments but that's ok. I told my companion one night i would talk to 30 people the next day if she ate some boondiggy (?) i don't know how to spell it but its basically sluggs..haha....and i did she has to eat 3 of them :) hahah i'm so nice.
This weekend we have a big musical fireside.  4 of the missionary's in our ward are singing love is spoken here , and then last Saturday the ward mission leader asked Sister Seipel and I to sing the very first song...just us! yikes....there's hopefully gonna be a lot of people there but for the sake of my singing maybe i hope not very many people show up haha. No it will be good i'm excited. our mission president is speaking and also an area 70! cant wait.
Last week was temple day and we had interviews with president...basically making sure we are happy. he is the cutest person i have ever seen. he asked me " are you happy?" i thought of course i am now i'm with you...but in a couple hours when you are gone i wont be...haha. but i'm still happy...i just have to picture his huge smile.

 Also i better have halloween pictures! I totally forgot it was halloween! Crazy! Every one has cute ideas can't wait to see how they turned out. 
So this last week in dance class we taught the hula! oh my lanta...i wish i videoed it and could send it to you! I don't think i've laughed so hard in a really long time. They were lovin it...but not really gettin how to do it haha.
well i want to look at all the pictures so i better get going. thanks for support, love and prayers, i hope i can help others as much as you help me. love you all! take care!
-Sister Richardson

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 17, 2011

This week was good - Sister Moffett is now cruisin Seoul with her parents and Sister Seipel is my New Companion.  She is Awesome!  She is in her 7th transfer and she is really good at Korean - So I  was saved!  I've already learned a lot from her and I think we will have a great transfer together.

  I had a good birthday, Sister Moffett and the Elders in our ward got a cake and sang to me and then transfer morning I got a picture with the 3 of us that have the same Birthday!   While we were eating in the kitchen at the church a girl off the street found us up stairs - she had seen our English board - and she wanted to come back later for our English class.  Her name is Irene.

One lady from our English Class "Marsha" brought me a birthday present - 2 scarfs and some snacks- I just love her.  She is also the one who took us to dinner last weekend and made us try pig skin!  Yup...I ate it and it wasn't too bad actually.  I've meant to tell  you the weird things I've h ad because Dad asked the other day but I hadn't had anything...then after that I had lots!  I've now had octopus and clams and squid and pig skin and ground up bone soup. Yum :)  Sometimes the octopus is hidden in the kimshi but I found it once!  Gotta Go Love You!  Sister Richardson

October 9, 2011

Sister Richardson - turns 23 years old on Wednesday - and she said she found out that over there - she is actually 24!  Now that she thinks about it - it makes turning 23 sound pretty good!!!  Our family was all together (Except for Jon & Rachel & kids they were still in St.Johns) but the rest of us sang Happy Birthday to her really loud in hopes that she could hear us!  In her Email that night - she said "I think I did hear you!" 

The Sisters got to listen to conference and she said she enjoyed it so much.  Tons of really good talks and a little girl from the Ward got baptized in between the sessions!  Her Dad is not a member but he came, so it was exciting!  "The primary kids sang the same song that Jenn & I sang at Jaylen's baptism, and so I was singing along in my head before they started and so it kinda surprised me when they started singing and it wasn't English!...duh!"

Well, Sister Moffett will be leaving on my Birthday - so I will get a new companion for my Birthday!

Oc tober 4, 2011

Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday it was another Holiday! We had a Ward picnic, played some games, ate a lot of food etc.!  It was a cool "I'm in Korea" moment!  In the US we have picnic tables and hot dogs - well here they lay down tarps to sit on and then they put newspapers down and a million.....OK maybe 10 plates of random food!  We sat in small groups and picked off the plates as you go!  A couple of the ladies that come to our dance class wanted us to preform our dance in a circle of all the ward members!  The weather is already getting cold! :(   At Bishop's meeting on Sunday I was huddled up and one of the counselors asked "Are  you OK?"  I said "I'm from ARIZONA - I don't DO COLD!" haha  Our house is heated through the floor so I think I'll ditch the yo (bed) and sleep on the floor!   Stay healthy and enjoy your warm weather!!! 

September 26, 2011

Played some chookoo (soccer) by the world cup stadium!  I've got my front handspring down! This little old man saw me do it and made me do it again!   There are only 17 Sisters in our zone right now so I know everyone!  In 2 transfer's that will change as we will be getting 9 more!  I got my fingerprints taken for my foreigner card.....YEAH! I'm Legal!!!

We started our Dance class on Saturday.  Twelve people came - they're mostly over 60yrs old but we have fun!  My Companion did training on what makes a companionship strong.  We had a great time talking about our weakness & fears and how we can improve - because she's leaving soon, it really makes you want to do your best cause they look back and say "I wish I'd have done this or that" So it really makes me sure I'm doing those things NOW!  LOVE YOU ALL - till next week.....Richardson Sister

September 18, 2011

Sister Richardson emailed that her time was short today because "we are going to go play soccer! The different zones are recruiting us now that they know I  can play!"