Friday, September 16, 2011

First Transfer!

Sister Richardson is now in Bong Chun with Sister Moffett, who is in her last transfer of her mission.  They have a lot in common and get along really well.  In her last letter she writes: "We are getting a musical fireside ready for October, we are also starting a dance class :) next Saturday, and another English class- this ones gospel English study, and a hiking group we will start next Saturday as well. we are trying to get members involved a lot more so trying to provide different things that they can invite their friends to."

Bulgwang, South Korea

Sister Bennett, Sister Ellis & Sister Richardson in front of the Seoul, South Korea Temple.  Sister Ellis is the Senior Missionary - training Sister Bennett & Sister Richardson.  They have had a great time in Bulgwang and do a lot of "Street Boarding" where they Set up a Poster and talk to people on the street.  The Korean People are so thoughtful, they will bring them an umbrella when it's raining (which is most of the time) and someone brought them a drink, because they thought they looked thirsty!