Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 18, 2012

Quick updates on the week.  It was really good.  Had some interesting things to do...Sister Lee had to go to the US Embassy Friday for a visa interview , I wasn't allowed inside so I just sat out in the cold and talked to some "Junk Mail givers"  haha it was sweet!  But Wednesday night through Friday morning we went on Splits (Different companions trade) So I was with Sister Paul,(remember I knew her in the MTC and she was at our house last transfer) so it was super fun to have her back :)  We had a great time.  We went and played on the playground in the morning which was a good break for me.  I've been on the balcony running in place or doing pushups since my companion doesn't want to go outside for exercise.  We went door to door...I don't know what it's called in English, I guess there isn't a word but in Korean it sounds like kaka hoho, anyway I knocked on one door and then told Sister Paul to "Work her Magic", meaning K your talking this time....but instead she starts dancing to Cotton Eye Joe!  hahaha (Don't worry doors not open yet) but when the door did open it opened fast.....and it closed even faster....but all I saw was the lady's face...and it was so shocked haha..then the door opens again and she's just yelling and slams door again then opens again!  Sister Paul said "Can you say that again? cause we didn't understand her (not only was it in Korean but with food in the mouth it makes it that much harder!)  anyway after she opened again and said "Leave Fast!"  so we left.  I couldn't stop laughing because of her shocked expression and that Sister Paul actually asked her to repeat it!.. Oh it was good.  Unfortunately, the apartment guy came and kicked us out..but the  best part is we talked to a sweet little boy and his  Grandma and got his phone number, so hopefully we can meet them again!

Thought you might like to see some more pictures!

So much delicious food.One of the Ward members was moving so she invited everyone to her house for a feast before she left.


This baby's name is Baby!  She loved calling her that anyway but the moms name is Pack-jeoung-woun maybe i don't know how to spell but something like much hair on the baby cute! The Mom is reading the Book of Mormon to Baby.  She was one of our investigators in my last area.

Han-ee-eem is the lady with me at dinner we were racing to see who could eat more one by one haha (peas and corn.)  I WON! 


Keep Smiling!  

March 12, 2012

This week was good, We had a super great English class, because they took us out to eat!  Fanciest place I've been!  It was so nice and so much food, ah...delicious!  A new lady came this week and she was super nice, she knows someone who is a member so she was asking lots of questions about the church, so hopefully we can pick her up as an investigator soon.  There is another older lady who used to meet with missionaries, I called her to see if she wanted to meet again, she came to English Class with her granddaughter and then a couple weeks ago took us out for lunch.  I invited her to a musical fireside this week (it didn't turn out to be a musical fireside) but she came with her granddaughter.  One guy taught how to sing with a different part of your throat! Another man talked about Adam and Eve and another guy talked about BYU!

So far my poor companion hasn't had a lot of teaching experiences...we are still in the process of finding people, so we get to proselyte a lot.  But it's COLD ...and semi hard especially since she hasn't been to the MTC yet!  So I tried to make it fun for her this week.  I made a bingo card and it had different things like Converse shoes or Catholic, so as we talked to certain people she would cross it off and if we got bingo we'd get Ice Cream!...we didn't get Bingo but it was super fun!  One of the items was "13 year old", so whenever we saw students she just walked up and asked "how old are you?" haha... and one lady we were talking to said she was Buddhist, which we needed that we got super excited - I think the lady  was a little confused as to why we were so happy! oops...

I got to play soccer with the ward Saturday morning. I scored the sweetest goal ever :)  I shot it with my heel as I faced the other goal and it totally went in :)  Granted it was indoor soccer, but still :)
I'm pretty settled in - we're in the same house that I was in when I was here before, but we had to move desks around.  Sister Lee's Visa came in so she leaves April 10th!  She is so excited to go.  (Sister Ha also got her Visa and will be leaving)  Once Sister Lee leaves, I will probably be back with Sister Kang.
Love, Love

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 5, 2012

My week was good too.This area is kinda slow right now. one investigator...and only one place to streetboard...but we've made message cards and plan to visit the ward...and we've done a lot of less active visiting. usually its not successful...we went to check addresses and all 3 people had moved...the people now living there were pretty shocked to see us haha. we got a referral from other elders in a different area...they said she seems pretty interested. so we've been calling ever since then but shes always been busy. Finally I called again sat night and said how about tomorrow. so we met her yesterday...she picked us up and on the way she says like oh do you know sister romney? she used to serve here so i said oh I've heard of her, how did you meet? shes like  "oh i met with her and did that baptism thing"  WHAT??? haha that was a shocker. As we talked we found out, she doesn't even believe in God but she really liked that missionary so got baptized she hasn't been to church since and had moved so our ward doesn't even have her record. Glad we found her and can hopefully get her out to church and gain a testimony!
to be continued...
OH and i got your boxes!!! thanks :)!!! perfect timing...the chocolate is good to me. 

February 26, 2012

CRAZY DAY!  A "temporary" Sister President called us Saturday and said you'll split again! He said I would be with Sister Ha in Boondang, and then Sister Kang would train the "greenie" - well we just got here this morning and he introduced the greenie to Sister Kang...and then he said.... actually Sister Richardson’s your trainer. WHAT?!?  Ya super sudden...warning would have been great....oh mylanta! So we are at the office trying to get a new phone and all that jazz. So now I’m  back to just suji ward.

[When I asked what a "temporary" Sister was - this is her reply]
"She got called to Idaho but her visa hasn’t come...same story as Sister Ha. So they cant even go to MTC. Her dad just dropped her off at the office. Sister Ha is going to Temple Square but still waiting for her Visa!"   Sister Lee is new Companion in Suji Ward.

 Last week was great. Came to love boondang just in time to leave it. boo. haha

Your packages have arrived but I do not have them yet. my zone leaders picked up for me but haven’t seen them yet. gotta go. love you!!!!