Thursday, December 6, 2012

October 26, 2012 - SHE'S HOME !!

Sister Richardson left Seoul, Korea with 10 other missionaries, on Friday morning Oct 26, 2012 at 10 am and arrived in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday afternoon Oct 26, 2012 at 2:31 pm!  Sounds like a quick trip doesn’t it??  She actually left Seoul –Arizona Time- on Thursday night about 6pm, flew to Tokyo with a 3-4 hour layover and then from Tokyo to Los Angeles it was a 9 ½ hour flight and wait for another 3-4 hour layover and then the final trip to Phoenix.  The other missionaries flew off to Hawaii, San Francisco and Tennessee; one came home to Phoenix with her – Elder Lambert  who lives in Mesa.

All of our family was able to be at the airport to greet Sister Richardson home after 18 months.  We all met at Gate 16 to await her arrival.  The 13 nieces and nephews all anxious to finally see and hug their Aunt Nellie again!  Each armed with a balloon and home made signs they waited patiently. 


Until a couple of balloons found their way to the ceiling.  Uncle Jonny was bound and determined to not have any screaming children so he “rescued” the balloons that were lost.  After several attempts to retrieve the balloons – he was successful and the crowds in the airport erupted in cheers as the balloons were given back to their rightful owners. 

Then we could see the Delta plane arriving at the gate!  We knew she was finally here. 

We waited and waited and W A  I  T  E  D until all of the passengers were off the plane, and then we waited until all of the crew came walking by and still no Missionaries!  Finally, we could see down a walkway – where we could not enter – Elder Lambert and Sister Richardson! 

Then she was greeted by her Papa with the Best Hug Ever!



 Followed by Mom and then the kids attacked! 

Then as the older ones had gotten their hugs – Sister Richardson was able to meet her new nieces and nephew that she had never seen before (except in pictures).




                                                               Bridger and his Sister Lily
Then she was in for a shocking surprise – the oldest nephew who came up to her shoulder height when she left – was now looking her straight in the eye! 


We stayed at the airport for a long time just enjoying having her back among us. 

Justin, Larissa, Connor, Rylee and Tatum greeted Sister Richardson with the ever popular dance made famous by Psy - a Korean singer - "Gangnam Style"


                                              Jon, Rachel, J.T., Avery, Evanna & Alyvia with Aunt Nellie

 Here are the families with new babies - Jody, Jay, Jacy, Jake and Jessie who was born the day Janell flew to Korea from the MTC, in July 2011.

Jaylen, Blaire and Lucy who was born in Sept 2011.

 And Jennifer, Matt and Lily - who was only 3 months old when Janell left and now has hair, and is walking and talking....and BRIDGER who was just born this summer June 2012.

Her bags were picked up and off we went to dinner.  She missed Mexican food the most while she was gone so we had Tacos, burros and chips & Salsa waiting!   

The kids all got to play with her and they made “cookie monsters” cookies – a favorite tradition. 

After celebrating Halloween with family – we headed for St. Johns on Monday – and met with our Stake President Edward Burgoyne. 

Sister Richardson was released Oct 29, 2012. It was a Bitter Sweet Day. She was happy he did not make her take off her badge right away.  That was a very hard thing to do! 

 She is home in St. Johns, with the Banner that the kids colored for her.

Here she checks out her poster that has hung on the wall ever since she left.  With stickers placed everyday she was gone.  Pictures she sent home of some of her most cherished moments.  Like Soccer on P-day, favorite food, and favorite people, temple trips, street boarding, kimchi pots, beautiful fall colors in Korea etc.

She still bows to people as she shakes their hands and still struggles to find the English words for a few things and her prayers are still said in Korean, she loves sleeping on the floor -  in fact she bought  a "yo" (a bed) to bring home with her  She had to send her clothes home on the boat - to get the bed in her luggage!   She says she still feels "Weird".

 We are grateful for all of her wonderful experiences and great companions and forever friends that she has met, for her great District and Zone’s and wonderful Mission Presidents Lee and Christiansen.  A special Thank You for those of you who have supported her during the past 18 months, with cards, letters and well wishes.  We are very happy that she is finally home……….

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 22, 2012 - Well, This is it!

Oct 22, 2012
Well....This is it. Last email you'll get from me...EVER. Just
kidding. Probably I’ll send you all junk mail all the time...just cause
I can. Hehe

Thinking back on pre-mission life it really seems just like a story I
once heard, but already the mission life seems like I blinked and its

I’m not one of many words if you haven’t noticed haha my emails are
pretty short and usually not very eventful, but I can’t even bring to
words the experiences and lessons that I’ve had. Although I came here
to help and convert others....I know that one of the biggest reasons
was to come and convert myself. Being a missionary I learned how to be
a member and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support while I’ve been
here and even for my life before the mission. I know and am always
comforted because I have my amazing family...(that probably all my
companions are sick of hearing about, except Sister Rovelsky who is
coming to Roosi next year :)

I hope as I return home and back into regular life again you will help keep me in line :)
I can’t wait to see you again! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  사랑합니다
리차드슨 자매선교사   Got to go :( but I will SEE YOU SOON!!!! Please drive safe and don’t be late :) LOVE YOU!


Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012 Her Happy Birthday Week!

This week is going to be pretty packed! Today we will rest and get so fresh and clean at a bathhouse :) and we have Family Home Evening tonight with Hong. Tomorrow we might have a district meeting, Wednesday, we have a blood drive service project, Thursday, we have a follow-up training when I have to give my "last words" haha-yikes, and Friday, we always have planning meeting, Saturday, we have a stake activity yard sale thing, Sunday, Church.  Monday, Ward Family Home Evening and Tuesday is my last day in Mokedong!!!! YIKES! Sooo busy which is good, but when busy time flies which isn’t always good :)

Our golden man last week text on Monday saying he wanted to meet every night possible so we had 3 appointments with him that week and he said he would come to general conference and then that night he text and said he is too busy to meet....ever! WHAT? How does that happen, a complete 180 in less than 12 hours....I’m guessing someone got to him or something, but that’s ok....maybe later he will be ready. 

We got to watch conference this week and it was so amazing! Best part was Hong came with us and seeing him working so hard to hear...he kept moving closer and holding his ear out cute. But I was so happy that he was there hearing from prophets and apostles and loving it and that I got to be apart of teaching him and bringing him in. 

One of our investigators works at a pizza place so we visited the shop and got to watch him make pizza and he even made us one! Korean pizza is so different...well the toppings...usually includes potatoes regular and sweet...almost always corn and even mayonnaise! mmm so delicious. 

Ok well...that’s my week...and coming maybe ill try some pictures up and just chat with you :) LOVE YOU! oh and if anyone has requests for something...tell me now!!!

HELLO!!!! I’m 24! Which doesn’t sound too bad since I’ve been 25 for the
past year :) I had a good birthday we went and saw our artist’s been too long but she’s been pretty busy. We had planning
meeting, which took up a lot of the day and a slight flood in our house
that took a while to clean up! hehe But it was fun and very eventful!
Sis Rovelsky even bought me Baskin Robbins! :) Thanks for the pics! I’m
glad they enjoyed my birthday too :)    

[We had the St. Johns Missionaries over to our house for dinner on Friday Oct 12…Sister Richardson’s Birthday – and let Janell pick her favorite meal for them.  She picked Tacos and Funfetti Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream!  She has really missed Mexican Food!]
[Asked what her last week was looking like:]
Wed we have p-day all day...sleep wherever you want haha...any of the Sisters houses...(Maybe Mokedong cause it’s close to temple or in Sister Nielsen
place...she’s the only other Sister going home so I will be with her on
Wed and Thurs.)  Thursday is Temple day, President interviews then dinner all together with all returning Missionaries(13) and testimony meeting and then Friday fly fly away!

Ok sorry today no picture. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I hope you have good week. And enjoy homecoming with Jenn & Matt and
 kids! I better go! Talk to you next week! And see you in 2! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 8, 2012

Wow what a week! We were pretty busy and had some fun activities but
since time is short I’ll just share the coolest story of them all. Fast
Sundays ...sadly aren’t my favorite day as a missionary...but this week
we had a little better attitude and a little more energy than before
so right after church we went'ing at a intersection and
just talked with people for a few one was too interested
in the message or even talking for that matter...but one guy crossing
our path stopped dead center and stared at the board for a bit and
asked if we were Mormon. He was so surprised to see Sister missionaries
so he wanted to talk. We tried to set up an appointment for later in
the week to meet again and he said " actually I have time tonight"
wow! So we had to hurry and find a woman member to teach with us but
everything just fell into place. As we met with him it was so neat to
see how God really has been preparing him for a long time. He said his
dad used to study English with us and so he knew of us...and he sees
the elders every once in awhile and hears a little about the church
here and there but he said cause he was so shocked we sisters were out
doing it too he wanted to meet! He was even the one to say I think its
just right timing this time! And he taught us a new word that
basically means...fate or destiny! haha wow. So as we met he actually
is Buddhist but he said just cause it’s so peaceful belief and there’s no
tithing or money involved. Our member was baptized only last year so
she bore such good testimony on his concerns and how she was able to
get over them too. We were able to talk about baptism and word of
wisdom a little and even though usually those are the hardest things
for people to accept by the end he was saying how he just felt so
warm. and like this church is a big family!!!! Wow!  Such a cool
experience!! It really never is what we’s just what they feel
and if they are willing to recognize it!          

We are getting ready for a stake activity in a few
weeks.... kind of a big yard sale and missionaries have a little tent to
advertise us and the church so we are excited and getting posters and
flyers etc for that. and there will be so much yummy food there so I’m
so excited! :) 

We get to watch general conference this weekend and we are counting down
the days! So excited!
Sister Richardson

Saturday, October 6, 2012

September 30 - Oct 2, 2012

It was Korean Thanksgiving so we got 2 p-days! Saturday and Monday! Actually Saturday was for deep cleaning the house but at night we got some free time. Since no one is in town for the holiday and can’t really do much missionary work, that night we went and rode ferry on Han river that goes through Seoul! It was so pretty!!!

On Temple day we went to the DMZ between North and South Korea! Pretty
cool didn’t get much time there and did the cheapest tour but it was
still way fun and learned lots!


For the holiday Hong Sang Yoo brought food to the church and gave us a
moon festival feast! haha It was so cute and this is a pic of him
giving me watch!


Monday we went and hiked a mountain! View was insane!!!! We are pretty tired today but.... it was worth it! 
Sister Richardson & Sister Rovelsky

Amazing View

 Janell's Dad asked her about what she wanted to do when she got home, He told her "I kind of know what you are going through right now....excited to think about going home….but not wanting to leave all the new friends/people you have come to love."  And she replied "ya its hard....still pretty surreal too. I think i am just wanting to postpone it a little while I dont want to rush home and take off my name tag."  

(Parents/Brothers&Sisters/Nieces and Nephews are the only ones counting.....24 days left as of Oct 2, 2012)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 24, 2012 ~ 32 days and Counting!

Sept 24
Ok well I wanted to send pictures so you’ll have to forgive for short
email.  This week was good we had a mission conference with President
Ringwood of the 70’s - he is over North Asia or something like

The Conference was broken into 3 days – I was on third day.

 It was good but made me realize what a bad missionary I am I guess I don’t have much time to do much better but I will try.

Made me think of soccer state game...after giving what you can for it... just never to be enough. But....hey that’s life I suppose.

My MTC group at soccer.  My new jersey :)

 Our View in the Morning

                                                               Where we go for the view!

Hong Sang Yoo brought a little student girl to church yesterday. Met her mom at a restaurant and told her all about the church and English best member missionary too! He is so amazing. Still is breaking my heart that some of the ward members aren’t as accepting as would be nice, but...he is strong and does what God asks of him so I don’t have any doubts that he will stay active when we are gone.

This coming weekend is a holiday so I can’t email next Monday I will
email next Tuesday!

Well hope all is well and sounds like all busy but safe and healthy.
Good to hear.
Ok better go. Love you!
Sister Richardson

September 17, 2012 ----"WE STAY!!!"

Sept 17
Well this was an interesting week. We totally thought it would be a
lot more eventful with transfers and all, we thought for sure she
would be transferred but...the AP's called and said we were staying
together! Sister Rovelsky started screaming haha and I got it on video
lol it’s fun. But that means she will kill me here [end my mission] and have to stay
at least another transfer...probably.. she will have been here 9 months! Long
time! But it’s a great area so we are so so happy. 

We are having a typhoon right now and until
Wednesday i think. Sounds scary but really just lots of rain and wind.

We got to meet with Hong Sang Yoo,  our recent convert...he just loves the couple
missionarys we teach with and are always buying us gifts and trying
to take us out to dinner. But we now started doing FHE with him so we
will do it every Monday night it will be so fun! He loves singing and
since he’s a soldier still in his heart he loves the one like "Onward
Christian Soldiers" but we can’t wait to teach him "We are all Enlisted"
:) Tonight we are going to talk alot about temples and family history
and hopefully get him going on that! We want to plan a road trip to
the temple and do baptism..thats been my dream to do them here and I
think he will love it!! Tonight he is going to bring old pictures too
so we are so so excited. He makes us happy and laugh and we are just
so grateful that we were able to meet him.

Oh mom you will be so proud of me. Just like our poster, we
are going to make a poster! and start talking about our
church family history programs  to the people on the street we meet
every day. Our mission leader thought it would be a great way to find people
and we are excited about it. We met one of the leader guys and hope
that we can coordinate a we will find them on the street
and try to get people to sign up for a class and when we get enough
have him come help and eventually do a field trip with them to the
center too! Haven’t done anything like it before so wish us good luck!
:) we got to get on the websites and check it out for ideas and get
familiar with it and it got both of us excited to do more family
history too!

A lot of our investigators have kind of disappeared....either by our
choice (sometimes when they are clearly on English interest and don’t
progress we try to stop meeting with them) or not but we weren’t able
to meet with many this week so not got a lot of updates on good
lessons or anything but ....we ate a lot of really good food hehe. One
of our investigators we see in the mornings at exercise takes us to a
bread shop sometimes and loads us up! It’s crazy I’ve never had so much
food in my fridge until I came here, and never had good bread! but
this place has wheat! and haven’t really had milk much but he gets us
milk too AND I saw cream cheese for the first time....and he bought us
two! So we ate like queens this week cream cheese bagels and pasta
with cream cheese baste ..and on and on. So good ^^ also we
experimented making my fav Korean food and we did pretty good!

Well being around the senior couple more and we listened to a talk the
other day that mention senior couples and it made me realize...YOU
HAVE TO GO on a mission! Not only will you love it...everyone you work
with will LOVE YOU! The Smiths are like our new best buds haha and
they are so fun and really have helped us a lot...and I’m just excited
for you two to go :)
Well I’ll end now and try to get some pictures up for you! I LOVE YOU SO
MUCH! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Richardson

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012 - LAST TRANSFER!!!!!!

HELLO!!!! This week I will start a new transfer! My Last Transfer - we will get call tonight and change on Wednesday. So crazy how fast time fly's. Sister Rovelsky has been here for 6 months - so she is probably going to leave :( 

Today is a big soccer game^^

We had a pretty good week.Our Hong Sang Yoo took us and the senior couple out to a special lunch. It's a nice buffet on the 31st floor of a building in middle of we could look out the windows and see everything! It was so cool!
 We weren't super busy with appointments this week so got to try a new finding method...pretty similar to what we usually do but we had a table out with materials and just greeting people. We didn't get to talk to a ton of people but the ones who were interested stopped and talked so it was fun cause we weren't making the ones who were not interested mad. We gave away a few Books of Mormon :) and made a few appointments so it was really good, and one of the guys went and got us some soy milk haha so nice. 
Well this morning on our run up the mountain we decided to try a new trail and we found this sweet Buddhist looking tower and its the most beautiful view of Seoul! We went up it and you can see the Big Kang river and the other side is just skyscrapers everywhere....we will go again tomorrow and I'll take camera and show you next week :)
We've been a little disappointed with our ward not fellowshipping our grandpa super well. He's old definitely and has more of an American humor so they don't seem to give him much of a i think he just loves being with us or the Smiths (senior couple) cause we are patient with him and really he just needs friends. He keeps buying us so much stuff it's insane and we try to tell him to save his money but Sis Rovelsky and I were talking about how cool it kinda is that he is at the point where money really doesn't matter to him. He wants to do nice things for people he loves and make memories with them. and all we are telling him is to stop and save his money.....hes 85! He needs to live it up :) He took the Smiths to a baseball game this week too haha. yikes. such an adventure. 
 Sorry I'm out of time for today but will have pictures and info on transfers next week! Take care have good week!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012

WOW what a week.

GREAT NEWS!!! my favorite 85 year old man got baptized as a member of Christs restored Church on September 1, 2012 :)

He was so funny! they had him practice before going in and he asked "its not gonna be cold right?" the ward just laughed. Then as he came out of the water he said " that was fast!" and was about ready to do it again
the ward was very supportive lots of people came and they prepared a little meal afterward! 

He received the Holy Ghost yesterday and became a priesthood holder!

 We had to teach Hong Sang Yoo all the lessons and he can’t hear very well so it takes us awhile. hehe But he sure has a lot of faith. We can just skip the "promise blessings" part cause if he knows God says do something or don’t do something he'll listen! He is so amazing and funny we just love him so so much. We were able to teach with our senior couple that live near so he really loved them too and Elder Smith was able to bear his testimony at his baptism and
even did the Confirmation of the Holy Ghost, so it was neat to involve them.

He took us all out to dinner Friday night, had duck meat and he bought
us boxes of pears(so expensive) and called taxis to take us all home!
What a rock star!

We also had exchanges this week I stayed in my area with Sister Cho.
She was born in Utah but her parents are Korean.   She’s such a good
missionary and it was fun to spend the day with her.
We then had sister’s conference at Presidents house. So fun! Love them.
They just have such fun personalities and it was a really nice meeting.

We had a typhoon or two come through Korea this week. Some people had
us expecting to get floods and broken windows etc...but it was just a
lot of wind...and I’m sure used to that :) (A little St. Johns Humor)

We had Temple day which was also amazing and I bought a cheap Olympic Korean soccer jersey for p-day! Somebody told me it was the jersey they beat Japan in.  :) Happy b-day to myself   hehe
Kinda out of time I’ll go read your other emails then need to go! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26, 2012

Hello! What a crazy fast/fun week! 

Monday we went to my old area and visited a family I taught. They aren’t meeting missionary’s anymore...kinda sad, but we've stayed in good contact and I just love them to death. The little girl Carly is leaving to Canada so I promised to see her again before she left. On our way home we had to take a taxi and it was so fun... I just got to chat with him for 20 minutes (traffic jam. don’t miss that) he was way nice and had seen missionary’s before but he went up to ask them about Book of Mormon but they had to get on  their bus and I just got to talk to him and he was blown away that we could speak Korean and he randomly asked if we had ever received a gift from a taxi man haha...said no of course not so he opens his glove box and hands us a vitamin water so we will remember him haha. So before leaving I told him I’d give him a present too and he was so excited to get the Book of Mormon :) best gift ever...and cool for me cause its free! :) We made it back just in time for Ward family home evening. it was a music night...but we were the speakers of course so we talked about Joseph Smith and made up our own little rendition of  spring morning hymn and praise to the man...niether of us are singers nor know anything about music but I thought we did a pretty fine job :)

Tuesday we got to meet with our new mission leader. It was so fun! Usually we had just been doing a quick meeting on Saturdays with Bishop and mission leader but it wasn’t really anything ...but he just got called and he lived in Canada and is really living up the calling so we are so excited to be working with him and his wife made best dinner ever... tofu steak (confusing I meat involved) and there was SALAD!

Wednesday some of our English class members took us to a nice buffet restaurant for Sis Rovelsky’s birthday it was fun and they are just great people.

Thursday was our conference got great training and good to see everyone again. In our conferences we just get trained on different things and then testimony meeting which is usually the leaving missionary’s last words and new missionary’s first.  Pretty fun to see the difference in the talks, the old ones giving advice and what they’ve learned and the new ones just so shocked to be here but so ready to go and work.
Afterward had a lesson and then went to outback steak house with Sonjiyoun for Sis R.s bday! yum! so weird to be in American restaurant really feels like US just waiters still have black hair...but they even tried to speak all the English they could for us haha

Friday was quite a shocker we always have planning meeting but we planned, then went to meet our 85 year old Investigator, who is just fun but we kinda never thought he would progress much he is just old and likes to visit and has nothing else to do....but we met and talked about baptism and he was like "yeah. ok . when? today? can we do today?" haha WHAT???! we didn’t even know what to do...that does not happen lol we were a little’d think missionary’s would know what to do in a situation like that. I tried to explain what it would mean...he still goes to another church and has only been taught first lesson so we have a lot to teach...but as of now...his baptism date is September 2!!! haha...and good news is he says he is coming back to AZ with me hahahaha...i hope you have an extra room ready. He is adorable! I’ll send pic if have time... super cool too during our English time he told us his history in the war!! He was in college when North Korea invaded and he told the coolest story ever and I got in on video! Can’t wait to show you!
Saturday had lunch with Marsha...remember her? She comes to our English class and took us out to dinner actually not lunch but it was fun she’s adorable, just love her.

Sunday was stake conference. 4 of our investigators came! Amazing!!! It was way good and they liked it and yeah....just way good. Somehow we both hurt our knees...i think we sat weird while eating at a members after church and it was a stressful meal trying to pull chicken meat off the bone with chopsticks! So I didn’t pay attention to my legs. Anyway so instead of crosswalk contacting we went and did calls at the church to give legs a rest and we got like record contacts haha it was so fun talking to old people who had given missionary’s their number.  I was able to make some appointments and even some referrals for other areas!

Carly got a letter back from the girls (Rylee and Tatum – Janell’s nieces have become pen pals) and was so thrilled...called me and read both the letters they had written her. For p-day (preparation day= day off) we went down to Boondang to see them , it was fun,  they said if we go back next year to stay at their house :)
My Croc shoes are great! Usually just wear them in the rain ...I think I’ll try to keep nice so can pass to other missionary’s before the next rain season.   

I played soccer last Saturday :) some of the wards play in our zone but not mine but if they need us they call and I get permission to go :)  

Ok so, long letter and almost out of time. Sorry! It was a good week and hope you have a good one too! This week is gonna be another awesome one so you make yours awesome too! Thanks for package and love and prayers! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Richardson 

AUG 19, 2012

Hi there
well....another week. Can’t believe it. It went by pretty fast but was good. We spent a lot of time preparing for a special English class. We set up an English village and were hoping to get a lot of people and members and old investigators to come and...well it kinda worked! We had 2 less actives come to church Sunday because they got the text about English class! We picked up 2 new investigators and possible 2 more soon from it! way cool...
This next week is gonna be busy and so so good. It’s Sister Rovelsky’s birthday week^^ her b-day is Thursday and we have a big mission conference so it will be good...and all our investigators want to take us out to eat for her b-day so we might be getting fed just about everyday hehe yes!
Sorry my mind isn’t coming up with much else to say.  I hope everyone had a good week and will have a great next week too. I’m going to see the old investigator family in Boondang today so I have lots of travel time to write real letters...I love you.
sorry again its short...but forgive me cause I sent a picture ^^
Sister Richardson

Aug 12, 2012   

We had a pretty good week. Started off with our p-day at the bath house...the ole grammas loved us hehe. So we got our 전도 (proselytizing  I guess) on. Our Son ji youn is still on house rest so we went and had dinner with her and studied together. We read Alma 34 together and usually people have a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon cause its way hard Korean that no one speaks anymore. But because she’s an artist (and prepared) she was totally making things click it was amazing! We went and saw her Friday too and watched Testaments together and she loved it. She’s studied so many random things because of art that it totally made sense that they were Indians. 
Sorry don’t have time for a long one...wanted to write lots of short little ones back and forth this week. Not much has changed here...meeting interesting people and learning to love awkwardness missionary work brings.  mom said something about being worried to share too much with your neighbor and husband like don’t want to make enemies but I learned..if people aren’t interested, they'll just say no and life goes on the same....but if you don’t ask, maybe they would say yes but you’ll never know! And if anyone makes you an enemy out of sharing something that’s so important to you they weren’t a very good friend anyway. Easy for me to say as a missionary that’s my job...but hopefully I will be able to feel that way as just a member too! yikes...I’ve never been good at member missionary work!
Ok sorry got to go! I love you so so so so so much! I still haven’t sent box yet :( oops but am going shopping right now to finish off.
p.s. mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Richardson