Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011

I found out that we will get to call home either on the 25th or 26th whichever works best for us.  And since our church starts super early Sunday we will probably call Monday for us so Your Sunday Night!  They said we get 30-40 minutes but we've asked about big familys cause I know last year if people had big families they got a little bit longer!  So I'm hoping!

This week was a really good one.  This week will be great too...I have a final pass off this friday and if I pass I could be a senior companion or even trainer next transfer...yikes! :)

I was expecting this season to be hard away from home but it really has been fun.  We have a little tree and lights up in our house and we sing Christmas hymns every morning.  The ward is in charge of the Stake musical Night Christmas night.  So we are busy getting ready for that. My dance class said maybe they'll have the dance down for next Christmas haha!

I found a nice coat and now I need to find boots.  Monday night we go to a Family's house and do english games with 2 youngest kids.  So cute, then we taught the Mom and daughter but the little boy found out it was gospel time and he just shook his head and hand at us and said no no no no no no no no no no no no for probably 2 minutes straight he left the room.

 Tuesday we had lunch with  Helen.  She lived in Australia and she speaks super good English.  She is so funny....has the american sarcasm so its hilarious.  She wanted to make us American food so she did bacon and eggs and toast haha. Yummy!   We had another good lesson and Sister Seipel knows german so she was teaching Nickalo for 30 minutes and I was with Marsha doing English!  Because we have a man investigator we have to be with other woman too so we got 2 investigators at once.  They both come to our English class and are so funny we love them, and we had dinner with them afterward.

Wednesday - so busy! We had district meeting then lunch then lesson, lesson, dinner and english class.  Since it's cold I was so happy cause we weren't outside in it!  Marsha taught us how to make one of my favorite foods so it was GREAT!  So that was half of my week but I ran out of time so you'll get the other half next week!

Have a safe trip to the Valley and enjoy Christmas celebrations.  Till next week - love! Sister Richardson

December 4, 2011

I don't know why on earth the devils mosquitoes are still out but...they are!  Actually this week only had a couple so it's OK.  This weather is really Koreans anyway....They say usually it's a lot worse by now!  So thanks for your prayers :)...keep em coming haha.  Today I have to go buy coats and boots though because yesterday was pretty miserable and one of the ladies we visited said it's suppose to be getting super cold from here on out!

This week we got to meet with the cutest family!  The girl is 8 and the boy is 5.  We played Go Fish to practice english and then taught a little lesson on prayer.  Dance class was great last week..we had to make up a dance for the Ward Christmas party, they want our class to preform!  I made one part a little confusing so it was hilarious to watch them haha..but they will get it will be great!  We (the four missionaries) have been asked to sing 2 different songs at 2 different Christmas parties so we have been practicing like crazy.  I wish I would have learned to read music!  It's making life pretty difficult haha...but maybe by the time I get home I'll know how to sing.

I got your package last week, so it didn't take very long!  Thank you so much!  It was perfect timing! I wear the socks every night and during study!! :)  and the candy is almost already gone heehe.

I've sent some pictures for you, this is Sister Moffett and me
and 3 grandmas.... It's 3 lady's from the Ward,
they are like The 3 musketeers,
they dance with us and feed us all the time...
they are my Korean Grandmas :)
        Here is Marsha that I've told you about at the restaurant where I ......ate Pig Skin!
 The copper tube is the cooker!  There's fire on bottom of pit but the tube cooks the top...they pull it down close as it's cooking and then move it up out of the way when it's done.

                                                                                 One last one...of Sister Seipel and I

I better get going I have to send pictures to the AP's for Christmas slide show. Please stay safe and warm happy!  We have Mission party on the 22nd and Ward party on the 23rd and Stake Musical night Dec. 25th !