Monday, November 28, 2011

November 27, 2011

It has been a good week!  We have a lot of lessons actually confirmed before so we have a good week planned.  It was transfers but we didn't transfer!  So still same area and same Sister Seipel :)  Transfer day is so stressful we just are shaking for the call and one of the AP's (Assistant to the President) called during our prayer so we screamed and jumped up.  He asked Sister Seipel how her new area is and she said "WHAT???"  and he said "Oh President call you? AH humm..."and then hangs up. haha so then they call later and say "Just kidding your staying there!"  So we think there was a last minute change!  But I'm glad I didn't change areas! 

It's been warmer this week so I've been very grateful!  We had good Thanksgiving,a family with 5 kids invited us over it was so surreal it was like being in America..their house was so Americanized! and we sat around eating turkey and mashed potatoes with maybe a mention of football haha just like home!  Another family was there too only they had 7 kids!  So it really was like home with bunch of kids runnin around!  We had to email early cause we are headed to a service project!  We are doing kim-jang...the process of making kim-chi!  Fun! :)

Will give you a quick mo-gi's become quite the sport..we are trying to figure out the best technique to kill them (Mosquitoes) they stole our sleep the other night...Sister Seipel killed 17 during the night!  She's pretty good at slapping out of the air...but I don't like that on my hands so I just swing at them...but you can't do it like a baseball cause... you don't know where they go.. so you have to dribble them like a basketball...:)  Just in case you ever need to kill a plethora of mosquitoes I thought I'd share my tricks!

We had an amazing lesson  yesterday.  She has committed to be baptized on Christmas Eve and get the Holy Ghost on Christmas!  Best present ever!  I told you about  her before we met her on the street on the way home one night.  We picked up two families this week!  I'm so excited to be with them.  One of the Dad's works for the Korean CIA- he shook our hands and afterward we were like WHOA!  I didn't know someones hand could be that solid he could kill us with his pinky!  So we will stay on his good side :)

Thanks for pictures!  Semi painful but that's OK :) Every ones hair is getting so long!  Holy cow!  Avery is so long, and Lyvie looks so much like Avery!  Glad  you all had a good Thanksgiving.  I'm Smiling so you keep it on too!:)

November 20, 2011

We will get transfer calls tonight!  I will be starting my 4th transfer!  We have no idea whats going to happen - there are 6 new Sisters coming.  It's gotten pretty frigid but I'm not going to complain cause I know it's gonna get worse, I hope I don't spend all of my money on coats and sweaters and leggings and scarfs and mittens and boots....but I just might have to.  haha

I hope you all have lots of yummy food and enjoy a football game!  Yes I will be taken care of so go ahead and have all the fun you want.  If I don't get transfered Wednesday I will be going with the Elders in my Ward to a family in the English Branch so it will be fun.  If I do get transfered I will be sad, but I'm sure I'll still get to do something fun.  In some of the other areas I know the whole zone will just get together and have dinner or something so it's OK. I just can't believe it's that time of year!

This week was super good!  We picked up 2 new investigators, one of them has been coming to english class with missionaires for almost 2 years.  She has done 30/30 program with some of them but kinda stuck in her way so never progressed.  She really loves  us and has opened  up a lot and I can tell her heart is softening so we are going to start meeting with her and see if she is ready.  She is also  teaching us how to cook so I'll be able to make you some delicious korean food when I get home!  Be on the look out for Korean markets and a place to buy a yo.  I don't ever want a real bed again :)

Our other lady is RUSSIAN!  How cool!?! We actually went to their house, her and her husband and little son.  They are the nicest people and speak pretty good english but she wants to practice and learn more so we are so excited to start teaching her!

The  mosquitoes are still after us at night!  as we were praying the other night before bed Sister Seipel started saying please don't let the mosquitoes come, but right then, I heard mosquitoes and it was in my ear, so I couldn't let the chance of killing it pass  so I tried to slap it out of the air and she did the same thing at the same time!  It was so funny, unfortunately we didn't kill either of them and it was pretty hard to finish the prayer through our laughter but..that's ok.  Have a wonderful holiday Thanks for sending pictures I love t hem! Sister Richardson

Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Seoul Lantern Festival


They sent me pictures – so I’ll share!
It's just a ton of lantern things that tell a story as you walk down the river.

I found this information on the internet about the Lantern Festival...

Enjoy Dazzling Displays of Color and Light at the 2011 Seoul Lantern Festival!

The 3rd annual Seoul Lantern Festival will be held from November 4th to November 20th this year at Cheonggyecheon (Stream), starting with a lighting ceremony at Cheonggye Plaza.

With the theme of "Stories of Seoul's Past through Lanterns", this year's festival will highlight Seoul's long history and many traditions. This year visitors will also get to enjoy twice as many lanterns as last year, with the lantern exhibition starting at Cheonggye Plaza and stretching all the way to Gwansugyo (Bridge).

Highlights of the festival will include an 18-meter lantern tunnel made up of over 3,000 cheongsachorong (traditional Korean lanterns with a red-and-blue silk shade); a 1/2 scale model lantern of Namdaemun Gate; a lantern of Seoul's mascot, Haechi; lanterns that offer glimpses into traditional Korean life; and lanterns of popular animated characters including Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Robot Taekwon V. Lanterns from the annual lantern contest will also be featured, along with small-scale lanterns from 20 different countries, including lanterns from the Japanese cities and prefectures of Goshogawara, Aomori and Yuzawa.

This year's festival will also be hosting a variety of experience programs at Gwanggyo Gallery, starting on November 5th. Programs will include lantern making and other crafts.

November 13, 2011

Whoa! I cant believe already middle of the month! Transfers are next week! I'm excited to start a new one. I hope I stay in this area, we just got a new mission leader and he is such  a cool guy and excited to start helping the work move along. 

Nothing too special happened this week.  sorry if i already told you about anchovies but not only did i eat them....i had to gut them first haha...also on the weird food list...go ahead and add dandelion tea. yup she just dropped some dried up flowers in boiling water and we drank it...not too shabby either. :)

In answer to your question about when we get mail..... we get mail on zone meetings and when ever we see office elders so sometimes p-days sometimes other mtg...just kinda depends. for sure at least every first wed. of the month and temple day.

We just got informed that members of the English branch here are feeding us Thanksgiving dinner so I’m excited!
We got to go to a stake meeting with all the mission leaders and stake presidency and mission president. I didn’t know a lot of what was being said but it was cool to see how many people are in this work...and really how much effort and planning not only the missionaries do but our leaders to try and spread the gospel. A lot of what came out was like," well the missionaries need to do it this way or that way" ...but i was so grateful our mission president finally said..."our missionary are trying the best they can do and we have to support and help them."  it was cool. sorry ran out of time today. ill try to have more for you next week. Love you! -Me

N ovember 6, 2011

Nov 6, 2011

This week’s big event was our musical concert. Our ward mission leader planned it with us, but he was trying to make it a huge event. So he invited some area 70's and our mission president to speak at it and we were supposed to get 5 investigators each (us and the elders in our ward) and then invite other missionaries in our zone to bring thier investigators we had been advertising like crazy and practicing our 2 songs (Koreans sing sooooo well....I have no idea why they made the 4 deaf tone Americans sing) so that night, all our investigators were "maybe"s so it was stressful. The ones we thought would come for sure were all busy...but we did have 3 come! One of them came with her husband too! So it turned out really well! The other one that came is pak-jung-won... she should be getting baptized on the 19th! :) She’s a cute little lady 32 maybe, with adorable little baby girl, just needs to stop drinking coffee...and possible only attend our church and not 3 others haha. We are working on it :). The last one that came was a miracle..we met her on the subway, she gave us her catholic name, ree-oh-ba, but she took a Book of Mormon and we met her once after that, she studied German, and was a German teacher for like 20 years. My comp studied German too so they had fun talking together and I just tried to keep in the game of 3 languages at once haha. We weren’t able to teach a real lesson, just got to know her and then she said she couldn’t meet for a couple weeks but we invited her to the music program...and she came! She stayed after for the food and talked with a lot of members, and our mission president! :) haha Apparently her husband works at same school as president did , they might even know each other! Crazy, but president pretty much taught her the first lesson for us haha so hopefully she’s not too overwhelmed. but we can’t wait to meet with her again.