Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter ~ April 8, 2012

I dont know exactly how I got confused but Im pretty sure it was announced that Easter was next Sunday...so I didnt know that it already happened...so I'm thinking maybe I'll  celebrate this weekend anyways.  But I'm so glad you got to go to roosevelt and enjoy family and friends. Sounds like everyone made it home safe..and hopefully getting over sicknesses and sun burns and cactus stings.
This week was really good. Met some great people, and had fun doing it. The weather is getting much better...today is actually pretty warm. Get rain or snow randomly but its been alot better.  I feel like I need to apologize to dad for making fun of him eating those nasty things out of shells at the payson chinese reastaraunt...I eat them now...whether I love it or not , well thats unimportant...but I eat them. Weird to see how far I've come hehe.
We got to watch general conference this weekend...we had a bunch of missionarys and we all brought snacks and watched it on a big screen tv at church..it was a dream. We went streetboarding after conference yesterday...and had a very interesting event if you will haha....this lady walked by and we talked to her...couldn't tell if she was drunk or not but...something was different...anyway long ( though very interesting) story short...she felt sick and wanted the elders to carry her home...but they couldnt...so i gave her a piggyback haha....we got to the building and I swear she said 3rd floor but when we got there...she said keep going haha. I mean she was skinny...but...it was a good workout hehe. she was fun, shes 26, and I think she needs a lot of help....but I felt like we were really supposed to meet her. We left and started streetboarding again but she came back! She was hungry and bored...and pretty much I think just needs friends....we spent a while with her ...it was uncomfortable but cool in a lot of ways. I was glad i had just listened to a talk on not judging others haha.I really got to see what she can be in the future and not the state she is in now. we took her back to the church to try and watch a movie or something and get out of cold but just ended up talking. her leg is hurt....i think its actually out of the socket ( hence why she cant climb stairs) so we asked how she hurt it and all she would say is i met a bad person. yikes. when we first saw her hair looked like she didn't wash it in awhile and make-up was packed on and smeared, she washed her face in the bathroom and I braided her hair out of her face...she looked like a completely different person, she looked so beautiful. We had to help her back to the place we took her before. We are gonna try to see her on tuesday again. When we were talking at the church she said she had seen me before, it just kinda reaffirmed that we were supposed to meet. I'm not sure how we are going to be able to help her, but I could feel Gods love for her, and I know he wants to help her too. Hopefully next week I'll have a good update on her.
Our district is going on a picnic today! hooray for good weather!!!! I hope you have great week and enjoy april while it lasts hehe....they seeem to be flying by!
LOVE YOU! Sister Richardson

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 25, 2012 and April 1, 2012

March 25, 2012

Well this week went by pretty fast! My companion is on an airplane headed to America right now! :( I'm pretty sad she was so fun. But she was really excited to go.   Here are the four of us before they left

Right now I'm back with Sister Kang because Sister Ha also left. So we are together at least until transfers this Wednesday but we will know tonight if we are staying together or not. I think we probably will. I think they are going to join the 2 wards again, so it should be fun, it will be a really busy transfer if that's what happens.  This Wednesday starts my 7th transfers....so weird! 
 This picture was taken at my last Zone Conference.............>>>>
hmmm...Some fun highlights.....maybe I forgot to tell my greenie, who hasn't been to the MTC yet, that you can't be alone. But after I figured out she jumped into a taxi and took off....I thought maybe we should go over a few of the rules! haha   Yikes! We were having lunch with a less active member and she gets a phone call and starts freaking out so she gets up and starts walking out of the restaurant but all of her stuff was still at the table, she just had the phone, so I thought she was going to call or something...no...she left. haha. but she met up with Sister Ha and Sister Kang so she wasn't alone for long and I was with  a member so it turned out ok...but yikes...I don't know what they were thinking putting me as a trainer...good thing she will get retrained haha.
Well we had a good week of visiting members. We don't have very many investigators and all the ones we do have cancelled  this week. But we had a lot of meals with members and less actives it was really good. We visited the Relief Society President and her husband. They were so fun. They were telling me about all this weird food they eat...and said we might have to go eat some together! :S   She said when she was little they ate frogs all the time...it was cute how she explained how they cooked them haha... he plays soccer with us every Saturday so he always says I'm so good and I need to go every week haha.
I almost ate dog this week but my comp really didn't want to so we didn't go. One lady who started coming to English class said she will take me though :)
Most woman here won't eat it just cause it's dog, But men do and I've heard it's soooo delicious.
[I asked her  "Do they keep them for pets - or like chickens- to eat?" ~ Her reply was "no the ones for pets are different...I think they raise the ones you eat probably like on a farm of some sort...but I don't really know, I just know they are big, and they aren't pets!]

April 1st
Well we had a great week this week. Transfers were this week but Sister Kang and I are still together and serving in both areas.  It is a little hectic and a lot of time is spent on the bus but we were still able to
see a lot of people, and pick up new investigators! While street boarding one day with the Elders this older lady marches up to them and says she wants her daughter to study English with them...of course we were the ones who got to go :) She literally pulled us off the street and took us home. She was such a funny old lady and i just thought wow this is going to be interesting. So we walk into the house and she peaks her head in the first room and says "I found English Teachers they are here..and we hear  "HUUUH??" I was like uh oh we are gonna get kicked out but we walked in and the cute little granddaughter (9years old and the exact Korean version of Evanna!!) comes out and says Hi and then her mom (the one who i thought would say no way) saw us and said "missionary's?" we were so shocked cause we don't hear that word in English...and surprised she knew it we asked how she knew, i guess her Dad or someone else in her family used to study with us too! We ended up having a good time with all three of them! So cool!  They want to meet like every day! We went back the next night for dinner as well...super cool.  Some elders in our zone sent us a text with
information on a former investigator of theirs that lived in our area now and they said she doesn't sound like she has much interest but I guess you can try. So i wasn't expecting much when we called, but she wanted to
meet! and we had a really great time with her and will hopefully see her again this week!

    One of the craziest stories of the week...we went and ate dog with Irene! It wasn't too bad actually...the only gross part was the stomach...and it was just the thought of it that was gross it didn't actually taste too bad.  Luckily we followed it up with ice cream though :) She is so nice...she knew I loved this snack
you can get on the street and she bought me the mix to make it at home and the special spatula thing to make it with!

We were able to pick her up as an investigator too...she said she is curious and wants to
know more about our church...and if she has time would come to church...she didn't come this week...but maybe next, next week!  I'm kinda sad that the area is 2 wards because we will only get to go to
each of them 2 times this transfer. So it will be hard to get to know the members...they are both such good wards...but lots of members in them so I don't know if we can visit them all either.

The weather is getting a little warmer...mornings are nice but afternoon and nights are still cold...and of course wind...i think this month the yellow dust from china will come...not too sure how bad it is...some people have said you have to wear masks and glasses and such, but then some people say you'll hardly notice. So who knows?

We met a guy from Cali/Utah  he is in Boondang ward now...he moved out here for work, but family couldn't come yet so he's all alone out here. Retired from Navy and is doing something else now...not sure what, but
it was cool to meet him.

The elders in Boondang ward with us are Elder Rowe and Morris ? I think thats his name haha hes a greenie ,
but cool thing is it's Elder Rowes best friends little brother...and he got to train him. Pretty neat. They are fun. Well I'm  gonna try to see if I can send some pictures. So i'll get going now. I guess you will be at roosi this weekend without me :(    have fun.... if you have too.
hehe.. stay warm, I love you!