Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Wow. what a week.
I wish I had miracles like crazy to share with you, but they're small
and I'm afraid only I know how to appreciate them, you are right,
I'm learning a lot and having good and bad experiences. I'm grateful
for all as long as I can learn from them...but some experiences I just
look at and wonder....what was the point of that...I don't get it.  I
feel like I found a lot of people here and they seem to have
potential...why else would they meet with us...but they just don't interest..and then they are gone...and that's it.  I
guess I haven't quite figured out how to find the truly prepared
ones...maybe my mission will just be a seed planting one.

This week started with a sweet soccer game against another zone
hehe...they all bought matching jerseys and talked up a storm about
beating us...but they put me in goal and do you know how many balls
can get past a brick wall???? hehe. ok actually one can  but still was fun....we had people come into the place and stand on the
outside of the fence watching in amazement foreigners trying to play
soccer...since i was the only girl out there they loved me the
most...every time i touched the ball I was cheered on like it was the
world the dream haha.

We came back and went to a bath house with our family ...they say in
Korea if you eat together and go to are family. its so true,
as we were together we were all laughing and playing together and so
happy and  I kinda had one of those moments like...this is what God wants..
He just wants us to be happy!!! but its been hard to see them not progressing
 in the gospel which would bring them the most happiness. I thought the mom was
slowly but surely...but now I'm not sure...and I want to have faith in
her...but I'm afraid if I leave this area the next people will drop
them and they wont ever accept. I knew missions were hard...but I
didn't expect it in this way.

We got to meet one of our investigators I haven't seen in awhile..she
hurt her foot and, anyway it was so so good to see her, shes amazing
woman,  but shes had things happen in her life where she always just
asks "Why me?" as I thought about that question and how often it
probably comes out of everyone's mouth, I thought well we don't always
deserve things that are hard, but we don't always deserve the blessings
either....why don't people complain about getting blessing they don't
deserve too? I guess life's not fair...and I'm sure glad it's not. I prob
don't deserve any of the blessings I've received.

This Thursday we had our zone conference...mission presidents last
time to talk to the mission together. He will still be behind scenes
till end of month but we got to hear his last "last words"  it was
amazing and amazing hard all at the same time. 

I will miss them so much, but I think it will be interesting to have English speaking President
too. Since the conference started early and we had to go to that area to teach Mongolians we went up Tuesday night and taught them...stayed
night at other sisters house and were there for the conference it was way nice. We met 2 Mongolians, they are so nice lady's and one of them
has only been in Korea for 2 months and shes like fluent. I'm a non sinning way. k maybe a little sinning, but their language has similarities so I understand.

I cant believe we get transfer calls tonight. Everyone thinks I'm
leaving this area. Sis G says I'll open and train...that would be
fun...but yikes...I guess we will week if  I say new
area...I wont lie ok.
Well I better get going. I love you so so much. please stay safe and
healthy. and feed the missionaries hehe something delicious, but don't
make them eat more if they are full. and maybe if you see them outside
and its should take them popcicles cause that's awfully nice
of you. :)
You are going to Roosevelt with out me. I understand. hehe. be safe!
sunscreen is now my friend so i will encourage you to wear it too.
good luck packing mom...don't stress... well you can stress a little
cause a little stress is actually good ( i just learned from health
doctor conference so you can believe me) but not too much! :)
thanks for letter and magazine.  BYE!
Richardson 자매

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4, 2012

Hi Family! Happy June!  We had another good week here in good ole
Korea.  Sorry again for the confusion and lack of message last Monday.
all is well....and I live in a nice apartment hehe. 

This week was kinda special we had a zone conference on Wednesday on health and
safety stuff, and then we had to go back into Seoul on Friday to meet
a new Mongolian investigator! Sis G found her one p-day and referred
her to other missionary's. but she doesn't really speak Korean or
English! So we are going to have to go there every week to teach her.
Well i don't teach I just follow my comp there and smile. Because we
had a lot of meetings this week we got pretty behind on contacting people.
Our goal this week was 100 and we were far from it, so Sunday was
out all day on the streets talking to people....we got 82 contacts! It
was a miracle. and we are going to work really hard this week so we
don't have to do that again! haha. We weren't able to meet with very
many of our investigators...our schedules just wouldn't match up, but we
got to meet with the little family I tell you about. Carly is 12 and
her little sisters name sounds like "tiny" its cute. She is 6. She reminds me 
of Evanna and Carly reminds me of Rylee. I told Carly I got
Avery paper (Stationery)  and she never gave me paper! haha so I had to
take her paper yesterday and she wanted to write Rylee and Tatum! So I
need their address so I can send it! She is so excited she really
wants to hear back from them. She said make sure you tell them lots of
efforts in this hahaha...
Well you again didn't mention what the plan is in October....i guess i
will just tell them you are not coming. and if we are able we can come
back later on.
I got returning papers already! We have to do stuff a lot in advance
but it was quite depressing to receive.
I better get going this week. I hope you have another good week. 
Ree-cha-duh-sun chamaenim

Mom wrote: "We have decided to meet you at the airport and we'll go back with you a little later."

Sister Richardson wrote: "Well the transfer ends on Wed. but we have like last Temple trip and
Presidents interview and one more free day then fly out Friday October 26, 2012. I'll fly with other missionary's that are leaving  at least for the first part of the way i think. love you! bye!!!

June 3, 2012

Mom writes: "Hi YOU STINKER!  We wait for two days for some kind of message from you -
> and then you trick us!!! So - you didn't get are still
> traveling between two areas and you are with Sis Ganpurev.  Right?"

Sister Richardson writes: 
Hi!  hehehe sorry. On our way to soccer one day I saw that building
and...well I had to. I need a little entertainment haha. no actually
last Monday was Buddhas b-day so a lot of gov buildings were closed
and we couldn't email. We went to a different wards picnic cause they
have a lot of Mongolians in there ward. so Sister G got to go speak
with them and it was pretty fun. We are same area same
worries hehe. Tuesday we were supposed to email earlier but had
appointments so couldn't do it till late that night. SORRY!
Speaking of genealogy we taught our English class about family history
and they really liked it. I got to show them pedigree chart and stuff
it was fun. So preparing for it I read through some of the history's
you gave me. So stinkin' cool. So then we also visited our member whose
calling is family history and we have a "library" in our church
building! I thought it was a different wards clerks office but it just
has computers in it and apparently they are just used for family
history. One guy at English was very interested and was asking where
he could go for help and all that. Pretty neat.
I did get the box last week! Thank you so so so much! Beautiful
bracelet and scarf! and the candy is almost already gone! I forgot how
delicious those are!  I'll go read and see if you are on! love you!
Richardson S

Sunday, June 3, 2012

MAY 29, 2012 Emergency Transfer!!!

HI! Sorry we didn't get to write Monday. We were a little busy! Got a call Sunday night and were told we had to move up north! I don't know why so fast but we packed up and we are out in a new area. Still getting used to it, a little different than our last house haha. I attached some pics. yeah that brown shed looking thing

 .....home sweet home. :O
  The good news is we are really close to the church! the brick building literally 2 steps away! We met our members yesterday....all 8 of them. they are super nice...and maybe I'm the first blonde they have ever seen...I think they were actually a little frightened by me.. haha we are out in country side so not sure what to do yet...not very many people to talk to but I suppose I may learn how to farm.  Thanks again for the crocs...really easy to clean!! (At her request - we sent her Crocs - they look like Dress Shoes but made of the rubber material - so she is ready for Monsoon Season!)

I also attached pics from our temple trip...i want you to see my beautiful Mongolian comp.We are still together so I'm still happy :) 
OK well I'll tell you a  little about our week before all the craziness went down....
oh actually I think I need to start with Sister Ganpurevs quotes of the week
Sis G:  "What is this called?....Godhead? "
Me: " would be your forehead"
About our district leader who is maybe a little bit dry
Sis G: " where was he when God gave to people the emotion?...the toilet?"
While planning
" AH. a mosquito just kissed me!"
She's adorable.I don't think I've laughed so much on my mission the amount I've laughed in a week with her!
Well this week was a little hard as far as meeting with people. A lot of you investigators that usually meet and were pretty consistent haven't been able to meet, and if they do its so short we aren't able to get a good lesson in. Last week was a little hard for me cause it finally got to me that I'm just being an English teacher here.... Everyone's so interested in English only and then when we talk about the gospel they either rush us or just ask...why should i believe in God. It's so hard to be patient with them...and to know like yeah you aren't going to progress or maybe I just need to give you time. It's hard to keep faith that maybe they will accept. The family I often tell you about ...ah they are so adorable...and I would do anything to see them accept the gospel...but it would be a true miracle...and I'm just trying to hold on and faith that will happen.
We had a crazy huge thunder storm the other night!  It woke us up and kept us up for awhile, the lightning was so bright and not even 2 sec later the thunder just rattled the sky. the first time was so loud i woke up and seriously thought we got bombed it was so so so loud. It kinda scared me...Sis G and I were like 5 year olds again wanting to crawl into bed with mom and dad. not only did it remind me of the importance of 72 hour kits haha but it made me feel so small. Like i could be gone in an instant and everything that seemed so important just isn't. I was like uh oh Gods mad cause its Buddhas b-day and people are celebrating! and they aren't listening to us so we are just all gonna get struck by lighting!
OK sorry out of time no more rambling
Have a good week! talk to you soon. be good. remember whats important. and remember how much i love you
Sister Richardson
p.s. I didn't really get transferred. that's not really my house. hehe sorry
(Her Sister says "She's been on her mission too long! Missionary Humor")

May 21, 2012

Hola. did you like package :) not much in it, didn't get to go to the souvenir place that I wanted to time.
We had a pretty good week this week. couldn't meet with a lot of our people but found some new ones! before Sister Ganpurev came here we talked to some Mongolian's on the street, we didn't know they weren't Korean at first but when they didn't understand us we were like ~ oh where are you from? and so we just gave them a card with our number on it anyway cause didn't know how to talk to them, Well they called us!!! wanted to we had Sister Ganpurev call and talk to them for us to  see if they really wanted or what they were calling for....and then she actually transferred here! so we met with them this week and I just sat back and listened to her teach hehe ...but I did catch on to what she was teaching sometimes! I heard "coffee" and by reading hand language she told them about the organization of the church I think hehe....but she said they are interested and the wife had actually been to a baptismal service in Mongolia so she thought it was neat to find our church was also in Korea. they seem very interested but they can't come to church cause they work...story of my life.  so we will see what happens...
I think maybe I told you about Carly? maybe not I cant remember sorry. Anyway super cute family that we are meeting with. gospel time is a little hard cause I know they aren't super interested right now. But we are getting so close to their family, I just love them so much and hope we can just love them into being interested haha. the mom always tells me to tell president that I cant leave this area  and that when I finish mission to come back and live with them or come visit, and she said yesterday this word that means like we seem like family and have this connection like we met in the worlds before ( from buddhist belief, but it lead perfectly into plan of salvation where i said no really we believe we could have met before this life too!)
We had  ward conference yesterday in one of the is such  a big deal here! because I guess they count how many people in sacrament and since the wards here are small they are scared they will make them combine wards and have to go somewhere they go ALL out trying to get less actives and new people to church. it was good a lot of our less actives did come, and even a lady walking by the church decided to come on in too! it was great!
Well i probably should get going i love you so so so much, hope you have a good week! LOVE YOU! Sister Richardson