Monday, February 20, 2012

February 19, 2012

For Valentines I got a new companion :) Sister Ha ...and I got to keep my old companion sister Kang :) best V-day ever.
We had a super busy week. We have to run back and forth to the different areas. Our house is kinda in middle . it would be nice if like one day was spent in one area and then next day the other...but thats not realistic we have to just work with our investigators time so lots of travel. But thats good cause that means we have lots of appointments.  
We met with 3 new investigators and had a baptism! kim ju myung :) it was the cutest thing ever. She's the only member in her family now, in her testimony she said I know it will be hard, please help me, to the ward. ah. 

She is so amazing, only 13 but so mature and stinkin cute! Her little toes came out of the water first time but 2nd time was the charm :), I think I'll always be able to see her smiling as she came out of the font! :)
 I'm trying to get some pictures on but computer is being weird so maybe next week.
The kids wrote this week...i got to hear about a zoo trip! sounds like they loved it.
I'm gonna try to send pics so I'm sorry it's short. all is well...I'm learning how to cook u\yummy food, sister ha is an amazing cook! so i hope youll like it :)
LOVE YOU have a fantastic week!

February 12, 2012

Sorry it's soccer time again :) so cant stay long. One of our APs is going home this week so we are all going to my old area to play soccer. His birthday was yesterday too so we made a sweet poster ill send you a pic next week!
Transfer calls are tonight! yikes! Don't know what will happen but I'll be ok with whatever...learned my lesson there haha. We have a baptism this saturday so we have been busy making invitations and program.
got to eat at bishops house last night...they were very exctied that I was a dancer and the wife wants me to start something here too. So if I'm still in this area maybe I will do another dance class. :)
Also got to play soccer with the ward this saturday....we have to have an investigator to go cause we leave study Friday night some new guy came to english and I said "Hey do you like soccer? do you want to play tomorrow?" and he did :) so we all got to go. So fun!
ok i better get going . Sorry so short. Tell Leslie Congrats for me. Weird that the world is still moving on that side haha. owell...
Sister Richardson.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Half-Way!!!???? I still feel like a "Greenie"

February 1, 2012 marked 274 days that I've been gone! I still get caught in conversations with a blank stare on my face thinking "WHAT"??? owell...I've come to accept it just might be that way the whole time...usually they just will keep telling me their story and I'll say "Wow, cool" at the end no matter what! haha.
This week was pretty good. For pday we went and bought a soccer ball...when i say "we" i mean "I", haha,,,,and went to go play....but when we got to the field these little boys were playing so we didn't need a ball after all we just joined them. It was so fun. They were so cute, they would just keep yelling passuh!

[When I asked if that was "Pass" in English her reply was....
"ya pass but a lot of "Konglish"  Korean and English words, they say with a "uh" at the end. Hard to explain but I'll be able to show you really easily in person :) ]

 Sister Richardson in front of her Church, in the Snow!

A lot of our appointments canceled this week...snow being one reason, so we did a lot of finding activities. We did get a member referral and picked up another investigator from it. Shes 22 , super cute, wants to learn English, she says she Buddhist because her last boyfriend was haha,,, so i feel like it shouldn't be too hard to teach her the truth. I'm excited to see her again this week. 

                          Here is the view from our Apartment balcony- I really like the view!


And here I am sorting our trash!!!

There are bags for like nasty stuff, but glass, plastic, Styrofoam etc is all separated and even food trash.


Sister Kang's Birthday party - the other sisters beat us home on Thursday and decorated the house a little bit and when she walked in she was so shocked! It was so funny!

Our little investigator had her baptismal interview yesterday, she was so nervous haha it was cute, but she passed of course, shes an amazing little girl. So smart, she really is probably more mature than I am haha, definitely smarter. Only sad thing is her baptism is 3 days after if either of us leave, it will be sad.

It's Almost February!

I cant believe it! It's almost been a year since i got my call! So weird! I liked seeing the picture on my calender of the night i opened it...when i read the fish part and Jenns laughing at me haha...and now I'm chowing down oysters and stingrays! So weird but so cool to see progression! :) Now Dad and I can go eat oysters together and I wont make nasty faces at him :)
My companion likes to remind me that my time is coming up...she always says your almost done! I'm like what? are you kidding i have 9 months!! but really...that is fast...I'm scared! I can't go back to America! Whenever i see white people here i feel so awkward haha.

So this week was really good! I told you last Wednesday about the first half of the week so here's the rest :) well at least the highlights...Friday i went to the office and passed off...finally...i put it off for a long time...but its finally over! So one picture is with an AP Elder Mejia and he signed off my book. ("Pass Off" is Scriptures, Language, Vocab, Lesson teaching and all the basics of missionary work...basically seeing if you can run an area.)



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                then we all ate ice cream to celebrate...

AND THEN our English coordinator ward missionary "Choi-myeong-sook"
              took us to Outback! It was such a great day :) Outback is so expensive here it's insane but she wouldn't let us get anything but we each got like 30 dollar steaks! ( this area is pretty rich:)

We did run into a big problem this week...we wanted to go visit a member...i was so excited to meet her cause her brother was in the bishopric in my last we called to ask the elders if they knew how to get out there and they said we couldn't go! What? So apparently we are so close to Deajon mission and the border is in our a lot of our members live in their boundaries but still come to our ward....but we can't leave our boundaries! so sad!

Sunday was so good! we were siting in Sacrament meeting and a lady comes up and says your investigator is here...and we were like what? who? we weren't expecting anyone else to come. So we go to the back to sit by her and it was a grandma we met with a couple weeks ago. Cool our zone leaders called to see how we were and we were still so new to the area it was hard to make plans...but he mentioned he was coming to our church that night for a mtg...about an hour later he calls again and says are you busy? and we were still kinda struggling with a more effective plan so we said no of course and he said ok well we just met a lady by your bus stop and she'll be at the church in a half an hour! haha so we ran! She's the nicest lady she met with missionaries before for English. Anyway we only met that one time and she said she was really busy and would call us..and we had called to try and see but she never had time...and then she showed up to church!!! She loved it! At one point she was crying she was so impressed. Then we had a ward meal afterward, it was so good she got to talk to a lot of members and then we had a really good lesson with her. 

She's semi Buddhist but really just believes in universal truth, but by the end of the lesson she's like oh maybe i would pick this church but i can't just pick for me that's selfish I have to think of my family...and ancestors....ah...but hopefully in the future she'll understand..this is what they'll want too :) after her lesson we ran to  meet Kim-jew-myeoung shes 12 and is getting baptized on Feb 18th! Shes so stinkin cute! and practically fluent in English. It was such a good day!

There's my weekend in a nut shell :) LOVE YOU!!!!
Sister Richardson