Friday, May 18, 2012

May 14, 2012

What a week!Sister Kang was pretty sure she was leaving...and she was right. when we first got calls I was a little sad...not because I wanted to leave but I was just a little jealous that she was going with Sister Paul...I just prayed to have a companion that would go running with me in the mornings, but then my companion got here :( haha but i am soo so so so so happy with Sister Ganpurev. She's the cutest nicest, most chill and clean missionary it's so amazing. I've been sick so we haven't gone running but i even think i might be able to talk her into it ;)
Our district leader gives me a hard time cause we always get fed...he says you just pick up investigators so they take you to dinner haha..he's just jealous...but seriously...we got fed every single night last week! It was crazy...but so cool :) especially since we don't have much food at home. We have so much traveling we run out of funds fast and don't get to go grocery our fridge is a little lonely, but the Lord provides hehe. We had lots of good lessons this week..and even picked up two new investigators. Our English class took us to dinner and two of them said they wanted to start the 30/30 program! So cool. So yesterday was interesting...there's a girl from Scottsdale that just moved here 3 weeks ago to teach English, she doesn't want to go to the English ward cause its too far away so she came to our ward. So i got to translate all of church for her....luckily she doesn't know how much she missed or the fact that I made up parts hehe but it was pretty fun, definitely helped me focus and I think I understood a lot more than I thought. 
OK so I want to share a few of my favorite quotes of the week...and maybe from before then too. 
1)  I have a little investigator named Carly and we read a big book that has different stories in it and one was about Martin Luther King...well naturally she doesn't know about Martin and so I try to explain a little background about blacks and whites and she says " ya i don't know him, i just only know Obama." haha...yikes
2) First day with new companion. Find out her stomach is hurt , she went to Doc and he told her it's cause shes eating a lot of food (poor girls eaten healthy in her country (Mongolia) all her life and then goes to MTC and gains like 30 lbs) he tells her if she wants to die young she can keep eating that way, so she says to me "well Jesus and Joseph Smith died young, I guess it wouldn't be so bad"  haha...i said yeah but i think theirs was a little more honorable hehe.
3) While I was whining about gaining weight to Sister Kang (or maybe Sister Lee AH cant remember) she said " you aren't gaining weight, you just feel like it cause you are filled with the Holy Ghost"  nice come back right...missionary humor...gotta love it.
4) met a guy who wanted to learn English, my age...came to English class and we invited to soccer and he came a few of the times while we were on the bus he tried to speak English and say his foot was sick. in Korean sick and hurt are same he translated to English but used sick instead of hurt haha I laughed pretty hard...maybe i already told you that story sorry.
I will think of more while i go read your letter
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 4, 2012 - May 6, 2012

Sister Richardson marks her ONE YEAR OUT Day!   Can't believe how fast the time has flown!

Well you're on a cruise so iI dont feel bad for writing a short letter :) I'll have some good pics for you next week and I get to talk to you soon!!! hoooray!
This Wednesday is parents day! ( no fathers and mothers day...just one parents day) so HappyParents Day...thanks for being amazing parentals :) May 5th is also Childrens next year we can celebrate and you can tell me Happy Childrens!:)
We had a great week but I'll  just tell you one really cool story and then i have to go.
We were trying to find a members apartment but since theres a million hyndai apartments in korea we realized it was harder then we while standing in the parking lot - lost and confused - a cute lady with 3 kids comes up to us and asks if we are from the church..But she said the old translation of our church. She said she used to go to our church when she was in middle school and knew that the church was right by her she said she had thought about going before but just never did. So anyway she wanted our number and said she might come some day....well she called back a couple days later and wanted to meet. So we got to go see her at her home. We found out she's not a member she just went to church with her friends for a little while. I have never met someone who is searching for the truth like she is. For the first time someones after truth..not english! hooray!  She looks like Kate Hudson, and has 3 adorable kids...and she really is just so confused about religion. So we get to teach her! I'm so grateful God let us meet her...we definitely weren't planning on being where we were but he planned it out just right. Unfortunately she didn't make it to church but we hope to see her again this week and start lessons!
LOVE YOU! have fun be safe... see you soon and talk to you even sooner!!!
Sister Richardson

April 29, 2012

So this week we had an exciting of our members was like screaming over the phone "come here now!" so we ran...( after getting permission to leave the mission boundaries of course) to our members work....apparnetly someone that worked there trashed the place and tried to burn member records... so she needed help cutting the records out of the plasic cause they were all wet from killing fire. So anyway...I felt like a detective...and it was sweet.  The cops came in and took pictures and such...but whats really cool is...the ladys boss was so shocked that we would just go help and at first thought we were just friends but then saw our stuff in the other room and looked at the Books of Mormon. So he asked her a little about us and sparked some interest. Kinda cool cause he said how koreans say we are a cult and he said oh its doesn't seem like that at all basically. So she wants us to go back and give him a Book of Mormon and try to talk to him a little more about it. She her self is less it was cool to see that she really does believe and want others to know too...
We got to have President interviews this week....porbably last one with this president :( i will miss him so much he is so amazing. If anything is wrong in the world and you just walk into a room that he is in...the problem is gone. It's quite amazing. he doesn't even have to say a word he just smiles and you can feel Gods' I'm sad next transfer is his last...and you might never get to meet him :( I better get going. have a good week! please please please drive safe. Can't wait to hear your voice on Mother's Day! LOVE YOU.  - Sister Richardson #2

April 16, 2012

Happy Easter....
It finally came to Korea! :) since we watched general conference last week we celebrated Easter this week...which is why I was so confused! We went to Boondang Ward this week and it was so fun. The primary children sang 2 special songs in stinkin cute! The girls all had flower wreaths on their heads and there was 2 little girls up front that were so loud haha it was great...they sang the song that goes like... " hossanna...blessed be the name of the most..."yeah that one...only in Korean. So 2 people would sing the verse and then they'd all scream HOSSAANNNAA.... we tried so hard not to laugh...but it wasn't possible. It just made my day.
So we got to see that girl again on friday...we went to her house...she lives in like the nicest area! Her apartment was so stinkin nice and she looked so good...showered and everything...she just needs friends...she was really happy to see us again...and she gave us so much food and makeup and random things..and on the way out she hands us a purse ( im pretty sure its chanel! ) it was weird...I wasn't expecting that nice of a place. We are going to see her again tonight and try to do more gospel time...we only ate dinner with her last week. so we'll see how it goes!
This week I got to go on exchanges with Sister McClellan to her area. We had a lots of fun...and they have an investigator who is a soccer player! First woman athlete I've met! She is even going to Mississippi to play for a university! I was so happy to meet her and she was pretty excited that I had played too. She is getting baptized this weekend ..pretty cool...she wants to get together somehow..someday and play some soccer :) it was a fun lesson..all the commandments, so we had some girls from the ward teach with us and it was pretty entertaining teaching law of chastity haha...the investigator couldn't even read the pamphlet without laughing.  Anyway...the next day we had Sisters all the sisters in the mission got together with AP's{Assistant to the President} and President and got was way good...and fun to see everyone...there's not very many of us anymore and they are almost all younger (in the mission) than me...its so wierd.
Sorry out of time! Hope you have a good week!  I loev you and miss you!   리차드슨 자매