Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 8, 2012

Wow what a week! We were pretty busy and had some fun activities but
since time is short I’ll just share the coolest story of them all. Fast
Sundays ...sadly aren’t my favorite day as a missionary...but this week
we had a little better attitude and a little more energy than before
so right after church we went'ing at a intersection and
just talked with people for a few one was too interested
in the message or even talking for that matter...but one guy crossing
our path stopped dead center and stared at the board for a bit and
asked if we were Mormon. He was so surprised to see Sister missionaries
so he wanted to talk. We tried to set up an appointment for later in
the week to meet again and he said " actually I have time tonight"
wow! So we had to hurry and find a woman member to teach with us but
everything just fell into place. As we met with him it was so neat to
see how God really has been preparing him for a long time. He said his
dad used to study English with us and so he knew of us...and he sees
the elders every once in awhile and hears a little about the church
here and there but he said cause he was so shocked we sisters were out
doing it too he wanted to meet! He was even the one to say I think its
just right timing this time! And he taught us a new word that
basically means...fate or destiny! haha wow. So as we met he actually
is Buddhist but he said just cause it’s so peaceful belief and there’s no
tithing or money involved. Our member was baptized only last year so
she bore such good testimony on his concerns and how she was able to
get over them too. We were able to talk about baptism and word of
wisdom a little and even though usually those are the hardest things
for people to accept by the end he was saying how he just felt so
warm. and like this church is a big family!!!! Wow!  Such a cool
experience!! It really never is what we’s just what they feel
and if they are willing to recognize it!          

We are getting ready for a stake activity in a few
weeks.... kind of a big yard sale and missionaries have a little tent to
advertise us and the church so we are excited and getting posters and
flyers etc for that. and there will be so much yummy food there so I’m
so excited! :) 

We get to watch general conference this weekend and we are counting down
the days! So excited!
Sister Richardson

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