Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012 Her Happy Birthday Week!

This week is going to be pretty packed! Today we will rest and get so fresh and clean at a bathhouse :) and we have Family Home Evening tonight with Hong. Tomorrow we might have a district meeting, Wednesday, we have a blood drive service project, Thursday, we have a follow-up training when I have to give my "last words" haha-yikes, and Friday, we always have planning meeting, Saturday, we have a stake activity yard sale thing, Sunday, Church.  Monday, Ward Family Home Evening and Tuesday is my last day in Mokedong!!!! YIKES! Sooo busy which is good, but when busy time flies which isn’t always good :)

Our golden man last week text on Monday saying he wanted to meet every night possible so we had 3 appointments with him that week and he said he would come to general conference and then that night he text and said he is too busy to meet....ever! WHAT? How does that happen, a complete 180 in less than 12 hours....I’m guessing someone got to him or something, but that’s ok....maybe later he will be ready. 

We got to watch conference this week and it was so amazing! Best part was Hong came with us and seeing him working so hard to hear...he kept moving closer and holding his ear out cute. But I was so happy that he was there hearing from prophets and apostles and loving it and that I got to be apart of teaching him and bringing him in. 

One of our investigators works at a pizza place so we visited the shop and got to watch him make pizza and he even made us one! Korean pizza is so different...well the toppings...usually includes potatoes regular and sweet...almost always corn and even mayonnaise! mmm so delicious. 

Ok well...that’s my week...and coming maybe ill try some pictures up and just chat with you :) LOVE YOU! oh and if anyone has requests for something...tell me now!!!

HELLO!!!! I’m 24! Which doesn’t sound too bad since I’ve been 25 for the
past year :) I had a good birthday we went and saw our artist’s been too long but she’s been pretty busy. We had planning
meeting, which took up a lot of the day and a slight flood in our house
that took a while to clean up! hehe But it was fun and very eventful!
Sis Rovelsky even bought me Baskin Robbins! :) Thanks for the pics! I’m
glad they enjoyed my birthday too :)    

[We had the St. Johns Missionaries over to our house for dinner on Friday Oct 12…Sister Richardson’s Birthday – and let Janell pick her favorite meal for them.  She picked Tacos and Funfetti Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream!  She has really missed Mexican Food!]
[Asked what her last week was looking like:]
Wed we have p-day all day...sleep wherever you want haha...any of the Sisters houses...(Maybe Mokedong cause it’s close to temple or in Sister Nielsen
place...she’s the only other Sister going home so I will be with her on
Wed and Thurs.)  Thursday is Temple day, President interviews then dinner all together with all returning Missionaries(13) and testimony meeting and then Friday fly fly away!

Ok sorry today no picture. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I hope you have good week. And enjoy homecoming with Jenn & Matt and
 kids! I better go! Talk to you next week! And see you in 2! :)

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