Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012 - LAST TRANSFER!!!!!!

HELLO!!!! This week I will start a new transfer! My Last Transfer - we will get call tonight and change on Wednesday. So crazy how fast time fly's. Sister Rovelsky has been here for 6 months - so she is probably going to leave :( 

Today is a big soccer game^^

We had a pretty good week.Our Hong Sang Yoo took us and the senior couple out to a special lunch. It's a nice buffet on the 31st floor of a building in middle of we could look out the windows and see everything! It was so cool!
 We weren't super busy with appointments this week so got to try a new finding method...pretty similar to what we usually do but we had a table out with materials and just greeting people. We didn't get to talk to a ton of people but the ones who were interested stopped and talked so it was fun cause we weren't making the ones who were not interested mad. We gave away a few Books of Mormon :) and made a few appointments so it was really good, and one of the guys went and got us some soy milk haha so nice. 
Well this morning on our run up the mountain we decided to try a new trail and we found this sweet Buddhist looking tower and its the most beautiful view of Seoul! We went up it and you can see the Big Kang river and the other side is just skyscrapers everywhere....we will go again tomorrow and I'll take camera and show you next week :)
We've been a little disappointed with our ward not fellowshipping our grandpa super well. He's old definitely and has more of an American humor so they don't seem to give him much of a i think he just loves being with us or the Smiths (senior couple) cause we are patient with him and really he just needs friends. He keeps buying us so much stuff it's insane and we try to tell him to save his money but Sis Rovelsky and I were talking about how cool it kinda is that he is at the point where money really doesn't matter to him. He wants to do nice things for people he loves and make memories with them. and all we are telling him is to stop and save his money.....hes 85! He needs to live it up :) He took the Smiths to a baseball game this week too haha. yikes. such an adventure. 
 Sorry I'm out of time for today but will have pictures and info on transfers next week! Take care have good week!!!!

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