Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012

WOW what a week.

GREAT NEWS!!! my favorite 85 year old man got baptized as a member of Christs restored Church on September 1, 2012 :)

He was so funny! they had him practice before going in and he asked "its not gonna be cold right?" the ward just laughed. Then as he came out of the water he said " that was fast!" and was about ready to do it again
the ward was very supportive lots of people came and they prepared a little meal afterward! 

He received the Holy Ghost yesterday and became a priesthood holder!

 We had to teach Hong Sang Yoo all the lessons and he can’t hear very well so it takes us awhile. hehe But he sure has a lot of faith. We can just skip the "promise blessings" part cause if he knows God says do something or don’t do something he'll listen! He is so amazing and funny we just love him so so much. We were able to teach with our senior couple that live near so he really loved them too and Elder Smith was able to bear his testimony at his baptism and
even did the Confirmation of the Holy Ghost, so it was neat to involve them.

He took us all out to dinner Friday night, had duck meat and he bought
us boxes of pears(so expensive) and called taxis to take us all home!
What a rock star!

We also had exchanges this week I stayed in my area with Sister Cho.
She was born in Utah but her parents are Korean.   She’s such a good
missionary and it was fun to spend the day with her.
We then had sister’s conference at Presidents house. So fun! Love them.
They just have such fun personalities and it was a really nice meeting.

We had a typhoon or two come through Korea this week. Some people had
us expecting to get floods and broken windows etc...but it was just a
lot of wind...and I’m sure used to that :) (A little St. Johns Humor)

We had Temple day which was also amazing and I bought a cheap Olympic Korean soccer jersey for p-day! Somebody told me it was the jersey they beat Japan in.  :) Happy b-day to myself   hehe
Kinda out of time I’ll go read your other emails then need to go! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  

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